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Project: Great Is Green Lancaster House
Client: Sisters Grimm
Method: Projection Mapping

How do you show the damaging effects of deforestation to an audience of dignitaries lead by the prime minister?



Project: Euretina Congress Experience
Client: W2O
Method: Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the perfect tool to demonstrate the life changing effects of visual impairment caused by diabetes.


Project: Gunwharf Quays
Client: Three Wise Monkeys
Method: Linear Animation

Photo-real CGI objects float through an abstract space to assemble into a form representing a beauty gift box.


Hong Kong Unrest Documentary
Method: 360° Video

Hong Kong Unrest is a news documentary filmed in 360-degree video that tells the story of the 2014 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.


Project: Hello Kitty (One Kind Thing)
Client: Sanrio
Method: Augmented Reality

Bring Hello Kitty into the real world with the amazing One Kind Thing app.


VIATIM Digital Detail Aid
Client: Bedgebury Communication
Method: Augmented Reality

This augmented reality experience is intended for healthcare professionals to support administration of the combined Hepatitis A and Typhoid fever vaccine ViATIM® (Hepatitis A [inactivated, adsorbed] and Typhoid polysaccharide vaccine) to adults aged over 16 years.

· Augmented reality experience of the ViATIM® dual chamber syringe
· Step-by-step how to use guide
· Demonstration video of the ViATIM® dual chamber syringe
· Prevalence and risk information for hepatitis A and typhoid fever
· Links to travel clinic support materials and vaccine ordering site

For this experience we create assets for use in a realtime engine environment and a rendered animation.


Project: Digital De-Re
Method: Virtual Reality

Digital De Re Gallery is the first opening of an art show in interactive virtual reality. It enables you to experience the paintings of the artist Gretchen Andrew on a self-guided interactive tour of a computer-generated recreation of the De Re Gallery, one of the leading commercial galleries in Los Angeles.

The custom tools in this app enable you to navigate the gallery following any route you choose, and activate augmented reality content related to each painting in turn. In Digital De Re Gallery you are the active director of your visit, rather than the passive audience of a traditional video tour.


Project: Shakespeare 360 (Twelfth Night)
Method: 360° Video

A world first; 360° Shakespeare shot in a green screen studio.

360° degree video is unlike traditional video production in that many of the techniques no longer make sense. Something as simple as shot-reverse-shot is not compatible the the 360° format necessitating an entirely new approach.

For this experimental production we shot the same scene - the famous gulling scene, where Malvolio is tricked by a forged letter into imagining that Olivia, the object of his hopeless admiration, in fact loves him - from three different perspectives allowing the view to participate in the drama in a highly immersive manner.

Project: Virtual Campus
Client: Circus Street
Method: Virtual Reality

Built in collaboration with Circus Street - we took their CGI art assets and built them into an interactive VR experience.

The app whisks you away to a different place where one of the Circus Street presenters guides you through a 360-degree, multi-sensory experience; explaining the important differences between the Internet and the World Wide Web.


Project: Fashion R&D Project
Client: Fika
Method: Retail App

Amplified Robot have been commissioned to assist with many research and development projects.

On this occasion we researched the use of physics engines and photo real 3D capture for a ‘try-on-at-home’ fashion product.


Project: People’s Day - AR Patchwork
Client: Lewisham Counsil
Method: Augmented Reality

The cultural impact of technology cannot be overstated. We thinks it’s really important to introduce the wider society to the latest and greatest tech which is why we got involved in People’s Days.

People’s day is an annual event held by Lewisham council and, in collaboration with the local library, we created a unique augmented reality experience.

Every year people from the local community create a series of hand made patches which are sewn together into a quilt for display. Each patch tells a very personal story and via augmented reality we were able to expand on these stories like never before.

Layers of the patch would animate and new elements would appear to create a rich digital experience.

Project: Children Education Cards
Client: Green Frog
Method: Augmented Reality

Developed for Green Frog Marketing, Augmented Reality is used to add additional layers of interactivity to alphabet and number teaching cards.

Taking inspiration from the image already on each card, our design team modelled all characters and added animation.

Project: Gold Crest The Hurlingham Lofthouse
Client: Lucid
Method: Augmented Reality

Using beautiful real-time renders and rich interactivity, the GOLDCREST property viewer enabled showroom visitors to explore incomplete buildings.

The app features an Augmented Reality floor plan and an interactive fly-through.

Project: Holiday VR Card
Client: Sudler & Hennessey
Method: Virtual Reality

It’s important to show your valued clients that you’re on the cutting edge of technology. For this reason, rather than a traditional paper greetings card, S&H decided to send their clients a Google Cardboard.

There’s not much point in having a HMD (head mounted display) without also having a captivating VR experience. That’s where Amplified Robot come into the picture.

We created a bespoke festive virtual reality game all designed to look like paper craft. The perfect accompaniment to the campaign.

Project: Lance
Client: Wowzzar
Method: Augmented Reality

Wowzzar uses innovative Augmented Reality technology to bring real people into your world, virtually, anywhere.

Wowzzar has used advanced technology to scan real fashion models to create 3D digital images that are incredibly life-like. You can then pose them in your camera and view from any angle just as if they were real. Wowzzar blurs the edges between the digital and real worlds in a fun way.


Project: Drummer Ford
Client: A-Vision
Method: Augmented Reality

Commissioned for the centenary of the First World War, this experience is situated at Dover harbour.

We used a photogrammetry process to capture an actor dressed in authentic costume. After some post processing the 3D asset was integrated into an Augmented Reality app.

Project: Fashion Scan App
Client: TANK Magazine
Method: Augmented Reality

Fashion Scan is a free app that works in conjunction with the online fashion and beauty title, Because Magazine, hosted on and created by TANK.

The free app allows mobile devices to scan the pages of dedicated magazines and advertising images to receive extra video content, enriching the reading experience.

Project: Malignant B-Cell Signalling App
Client: Sudler & Hennessey
Method: Augmented Reality

This medical education piece was developed with Sudler & Hennessey for a haematology congress in Milan.

Two Augmented Reality experiences were created to explain the intracellular signalling behaviour of Leukemic blood cells.

Project: Innovation Centre App
Client: Saint-Gobain
Method: Augmented Reality

The Saint-Gobian Innovation Centre in London is the go-to place to learn about innovative building products.

The Innovation Centre app allows visitors to guide themselves around the centre effortlessly.

There is also a data collection feature so visitors can request additional information about specific products.

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